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Raw Lapis Lazuli

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1 piece of raw lapis lazuli

What are lapis lazuli's metaphysical properties?
The metaphysical properties of lapis lazuli include: enhancing psychic abilities, intuition, wisdom, peace, and truth.

What chakra corresponds with lapis lazuli?
Lapis lazuli corresponds with your third eye and throat chakras.

What is the metaphysical difference between raw and tumbled crystals?
Raw crystals typically have a more "pure" energy than tumbled crystals, purely because they aren't as touched! 



I am legally required to advise that the magickal properties of our products and services are “alleged”, and as such the results cannot be guaranteed. No ethical practitioner can guarantee a certain result from magickal work, because of the principle of free will. Customers should consider our products and services to be sold as a curio only — NO claims are made as to the effectiveness of psychic or magickal work or products. Eau Claire Witch, LLC is not liable for advice given regarding the usage of said curios. All herbal products are used, burned, and applied at your own risk. DO NOT consume herbal products, they are intended for curio purposes only. Always do your own research.